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Based in purpose built studios at Hazlewood Castle, Madison Bou have been photographing Yorkshire weddings for nearly 20 years.

Have your big wedding day in Yorkshire and we will be able to tell your wedding story in a truly unique and personal way.

Our brides find us because they want pictures that will endure for a lifetime.

Our wedding images are far from traditional, more like the kind of images you’d see in a glossy celebrity magazine.

We use every technique we’ve learned over the years to create images which tell your wedding story in a unique and stylish way. We’ve gained the necessary people skills over the years to know when it’s appropriate to stay in the background and ‘document’ and when we can ‘direct’ the action to ensure perfect lighting and positioning.

Nobody knows we’re there, yet we seem to be everywhere.

It’s a skill that good wedding photographers only gain with lots of experience.


We don't sell photography 'by the hour' but rather offer 'full-day' wedding coverage. We feel if it's worth your while paying large sums of money for then it's worth your while documenting it with your wedding photography.


This part of the wedding day focuses on all the madness that's involved in getting ready for the main ceremony ; The details of the dress, jewelry, bouquet, the shoes, the rings, putting on the make-up and the dress. Most of all though, it's about the closeness of the bride to her bridesmaids and her close family and the closeness of the groom to his groomsmen. If you're exchanging gifts at this point, document the reaction in pictures. That's priceless. (It could be a bridal boudoir album for example and that would be a perfect moment to capture his surprise on camera). The look as Dad sees his beautiful daughter as a bride will often bring him to tears and that's another great picture.

When the bride is ready, we can then photograph her in the most beautiful dress of her life and capture some wonderful portraits of her with Dady and with all her bridesmaids.

These 'getting ready' pictures are also the perfect way to ease the nerves of being photographed in front of a camera, not just for the couple but for the rest of the close party. The last thing we need as we walk down the aisle is a nervous 'camera face'.


The Wedding ceremony can last between half an hour to an hour and a half and during this time we can document the procession, speeches by the readers, the exchange of vows, wedding rings and the first kiss. The signing of the marriage Certificate and exit to confetti and some formals of family and friends. So much happens in so little time and we aim to capture all the looks, all the moments, all the memories.


The celebration over the meal with speeches can often last a few hours and in this time there's lots to photograph. There are the key events, such as the speeches, the cutting of the cake, and any number of different 'moments' which can be covered using a more photo-journalistic approach. During this time we try and capture the fun had by every member of the wedding party around each of the tables. Our aim is to get at least one fabulous portrait of every single person at the wedding and this is often the best time to do this.


The first dance, Mum and Son dance, father and daughter dance, toasts, blessings, garter and bouquet toss and any number of other formalities will be documented during the evening.

We will often borrow the bride and groom for a few more pictures in the beautiful dusk light at this time depending on weather and the time of year.


These are the pictures of the couple with all of the family members and some couples want a huge list of different pictures while other couples want just a few. Even those modern couples who don't want any formals, we try and suggest we take some key members such as parents and siblings and bridal party and groomsmen. One day, these will be some of the most memorable pictures any couple can have.

That said, no matter how many formal pictures are required, we still try to make them interesting pictures and not just the mere 'lineups' of yesteryear.


We create a huge range of customised Wedding Albums which are guaranteed to last beyond your lifetime. That's a true Archival product you'll be proud to hand down the generations. What better way to show your love for each other than something this unique?

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Engagement photos can be taken in our specially made studio at Hazlewood Castle or at any location of your choosing. They can be anything you want them to be - Casual, formal, indoors, outdoors or even set a them for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Please fill out this form and let us know you’re interested in a session. You can also call us on the number below.

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