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You may be considering a boudoir style photoshoot because you seen some pictures a friend has had done or maybe you’ve read about the boudoir phenomenon in the glossy magazines. The first question you might ask when you find a photographer is how much for a picture and then been shocked to discover that a boudoir experience can cost hundreds of pounds.

Why are boudoir experiences so expensive?

Actually, at Madison Bou, we believe our experiences are great value and many other experiences can work out being a lot more costly and here we’d like to show you why…

When you book a photographic experience, the most important thing you’re paying for is time and experience. Just like a man or woman armed with an expensive monkey wrench may or may not be a good plumber, a man or woman with a camera may not be a good photographer. Experience and expertise count for a lot and will dramatically determine just how good your pictures are. Great pictures need are created by building a strong rapport with each client and by spending time with them to bring out the best in them. The post production in photoshop takes time and expertise as well.

A typical boudoir photoshoot experience for us includes an hour and a half in hair and make-up (Really, good hair and make-up is essential for a shoot like this) and then at least two hours in the shoot itself. Everyone’s different with different comfort levels and anxieties and every shoot takes a different amount of time to reach a level where the client looks natural and totally at ease in front of the camera. To do this effectively from the photographers point of view, can take years of experience. Youngsters just starting out may well be technically adept but few have the social skills required to put a 40 something mum at ease with her body.

It’s this kind of experience that you’re paying for. Then of course, after the shoot itself, 4-5 hours in post production before the images are suitably ready for viewing…Many more hours are spent creating one magazine cover, so why shouldn’t you expect at least something as good as magazine quality from your pictures? Why not? You think you’re not as good as a model, right?

Well, what if we show you that you can be as good as a model in a magazine?

That may well be something worth paying for, right?

Our Boudoir experiences are all unique to you.

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