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Sexy, tasteful, fine art boudoir

A celebrity wouldn’t dream of appearing in a magazine without her image being retouched and we believe ‘ordinary women’ deserve exactly the same treatment.

At Madison Bou, we believe a boudoir session is for every woman!

This is an experience and a result that so many women describe as empowering

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every doctor prescribed a photoshoot like this for every woman that has body issues?

Certainly something every woman should try at least once. It may feel a little out of your comfort zone. It may even feel a lot out of your comfort zone but we assure you, we’ve done this for many years and empowering you with amazing confidence is what we do.

We will pose you and style you down to your fingertips. You will feel comfortable in your own skin and when you see how beautiful you look it may well change the way you see yourself forever.

Remember, we won’t push you beyond your limits – Ever.

We will, however, give you more confidence than you ever thought possible.

What you wear, or don’t wear, is entirely up to you.

You may decide to book a tasteful, fine art boudoir session for your significant other but really you should consider these photos as much as a gift to yourself because you deserve it.

A few other things you should know about a Madison Bou Boudoir session.

The photographer is a man. (That’s me)

This may be an issue for some of you but it shouldn’t be. Really, male photographers can be just as good as women. 🙂

I’ve been photographing women professionally for nearly 20 years. This time has given me experience in posing all body types.

For 25 years I was also a radio presenter and during that time I learned the ability to communicate with my audience to the point that nothing phases me. My tone is relaxed and professional at all times and at no point will you find yourself with me alone.

My stylist and partner on your shoot is a woman. She will be with you throughout the shoot.

Our studio is also based at one of the most welcoming hotels in the UK, Hazlewood Castle. Essentially, all the staff are at your disposal.

Something else you should know is that we are not a ‘conveyor belt’ high volume studio that relies upon ‘Groupon’ or ‘Wowcher’ deals to fill our sessions.

You will never see another client. We create every session around you, the individual, with unique posing, lighting, sets. Everything is relaxed and fun and never rushed.

That’s important. If we set a time limit on our shoot, what if it takes longer for you to relax? What if it takes longer to change outfits?

Everyone’s different. Some people relax in front of the camera very quickly and some take a little longer. this is normal and the reason why we schedule a maximum of 2 shoots per day. (usually just one)

We believe boudoir is an investment in YOU. You get what you pay for.

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