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How to look good naked

It’s all about making our clients feel comfortable in their own skin.

I spent 20 years on the radio broadcasting every day into the homes of thousands of people. In order to be successful at this you learn the art of friendly communication. To many of my regular listeners I was almost like a real friend. I’d have to learn to communicate on the phone and in person at personal appearances wherever I went. It’s a hard earned skill set i take with me to my photography business. Making people feel comfortable and relaxed in a radio studio is very similar to making people feel relaxed and comfortable in a photographic studio.

I’m naturally chatty and inquisitive. I want to know all about you. I love to connect with people’s stories. We all have a story to tell. We all have things going on in our lives which makes us who we are. Our jobs help define us but more importantly, our passions and loves, friends and family help define us more and I know I’ll get better pictures if I can connect with you a little more than the average photographer in a high volume High Street studio. The team takes great care to create a relaxed and safe environment for every client we photograph. If you feel relaxed and safe, the chances of creating fabulous and intimate lifestyle type images of you are greatly improved.

We know getting naked in front of strangers is really scary but rest assured, professional photographers and stylists will never judge you. We’re not looking for flaws, we’re looking to bring out your natural beauty. Our aim is to show you just how beautiful you really are so that you can see yourself in a new light. Experience has taught us a lot about lighting and posing and of course post production to ensure we get the best out of you and most importantly of all, of course, is that if you can be made to feel relaxed, you’ll look relaxed and powerful in your pictures.

We don’t care about stretch marks or love handles, bingo wings, bags and sagginess. Those will all magically disappear in front of our camera. We know the flattering angles and the flattering lighting. It’s our job and we’ve been doing it a long time.

If you’re worried, consider this challenge…. Look through the portfolio section of our website and see that there are literally hundreds of women that have been photographed by us and have allowed us to post their picture. (We never post without permission) – See if you can find any woman who looks nervous, or uncomfortable in any of our pictures. Now, can you see stretch marks or bags?

Our Boudoir gallery HERE

Our promise to you is that we will make you look as good as any of the women on our website.

A few more tips if you’re considering going naked…

• Tell us what music makes you feel sexy and we’ll have it ready on our playlist when you arrive.

• Bring body moisturiser or coconut oil. Not only is it rich in skin-softening fatty acids, but it’s also a dry oil, which means it’s absorbed quickly and leaves a non-greasy sheen.

• We don’t recommend fake tan but if you really must, have an all over tan done professionally

• exfoliate your whole body in the shower, giving extra attention to rough, dry skin, like your elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists

• Bring heels. Skyscraper shoes lift your butt, engage your leg muscles, and give your pins an amazingly slender and long appearance. They also have an amazing way of building confidence.

• Drink plenty of water leading up to your big day. (It really, really works by adding sparkle to your eyes and making your skin look great)

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