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We always recommend bringing a variety of different boudoir outfits to your Madison Bou Experience photoshoot

Without a doubt there are two things about boudoir sessions that clients repeatedly tell us they have problems with

Posing and finding the right boudoir outfits.

We’ll talk more about posing another time but today we’ll talk a little about boudoir outfits for your session.

Boudoir Session Tip: Bring a variety of types of clothing. Boudoir outfits and a dress or two as well. Oh, and and big tip alert – Bring at least one thing that covers your mid-section.

Variety – For example, bring a bra and underwear set, bring a simple plain t-shirt or man’s dress shirt and bring a babydoll-style option or corset. (Something that covers your mid-section)

The more variety you bring, the more varied your photos will be. In fact, we always say, better to bring too much than too little. put it all into a case and bring it anyway.

So many women have an issue with tummys.

It could be stretch marks, baby belly or just something that comes to us all with age. (ouch! hate aging don’t we)

if you have worries about your tummy, we highly recommend, sexy babydolls, a lace body (Great cheap ones from Anne Summers) , corsets, stretchy t-shirts and a man’s white shirt. A button down cardigan, textured sweater, tank tops, silk robes are alternatives. We can even use a bed sheet.

Lastly, we always recommend that you bring your favourite dress or outdoor wear (LBD, floaty, even jeans and t-shirt if that’s more ‘you’ ) – You’ll feel less exposed and it’s a great way to get used to being photographed until you gain more confidence.

How about a long coat to cover your underwear and we can create a sequence of pictures removing an item at a time.

Our Boudoir Prep Guide has loads more ideas – You can get that HERE

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