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Are you nervous about your boudoir session? If so, don’t worry, just about everyone is. Few people know how to relax in front of the camera.

It’s certainly not easy turning up at a strange place and posing in front of the camera. Even harder if you intend to do some ‘boudoir’.

Another major cause of anxiety is the worry that you’ll not look good in your pictures. More specifically, you’ll not look good as the other girls on our website.

We can tell you till the cows come home that you WILL look as good as any of the women on our website but you’ll probably not believe us. (Until you come back and view your finished images)

Let us just say at this point, that we have been photographing women for more than 20 years. In that time we’ve learned a fair bit about relaxing clients in front of our camera. We know, the more relaxed you are, you more you’ll look relaxed on camera and the more you’ll love your pictures.

Regardless of what you think about the way you look, we never judge. We just work hard to ensure you look as relaxed and beautiful as you can possibly be. We know it can be uncomfortable to appear half naked in front of strangers so we do our best to provide a warm, comfortable and safe environment for your photoshoot experience. We know about different bodyshapes and know how to train you to pose in a way that looks the most flattering. We know how to hide the bits you hate about your body and enhance the bits you love.

So, how do we ensure you look amazing in your pictures?

Well, the art of portraiture is part science and part psychology. The science of lighting, posing, hair and make-up and all the photography bits can be learned quite easilly but the psychology is the most important bit. This is the way we build a relationship with a client. It’s the way to get a great connection with the client and the way she will look the most relaxed. Helping our nervous clients relax during their photoshoot is something that needs to be learned with experience and this is what we have at our disposal. A Madison Bou photoshoot experience should be fun and enjoyable even if you absolutely hate having your picture taken.


  • Music – We encourage you to bring your favorite music to play during your session. This will help you to calm down and feel comfortable. We have Apple music though so request away on the day. (Dave used to be a Radio Presenter so try not to encourage him too much )

  • Breathe Deep – Practice deep breathing. This is a proven relaxation method. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose slowly. Repeat until you feel better. (Honestly it works)

  • Take a Break – If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can take a break from shooting and talk and relax before restarting the session. This is one of the advantages of scheduling just one session per day. We never need to clock watch and you never need to stress that we’re running out of time. If it takes a little longer to get comfortable and relaxed then so be it. Professional models can work very long days in front of the camera and they are comfortable being photographed straight away. It stands to reason that you may take a little more coaching and practice to reach the level of comfort that a professional model will have. Our job is to try and get you to that level in the least stressful way possible.

  • Drink – We offer refreshments but never alcohol during the shoot itself. It may seem like a great way to loosen up but it will make your eyes look unfocussed and that’s not the look we want. Honestly, we’ve done this many times before. After 5 minutes being photographed by us you’ll be enjoying it so much that you’ll be much more relaxed than you ever thought possible.

  • Have a Laugh – If you’re feeling silly in front of the camera, laugh at yourself. Laughter is a great relaxation technique. It will help you loosen up. Natural laughter looks super sexy on camera.

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