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We often hide behind our clothes. We expect what we wear to say something about who we are. Flamboyant and colourful, sophisticated and understated, traditional, goth, elegant, fashionista…. Sometimes our clothing speaks louder than our personality.

Yet when you wear no clothes, you cant hide behind a facade. These pictures are entirely about you and you alone. Your body language is all you have. Your eyes will speak volumes. You can really own these pictures for you and you alone. There’s nowhere to hide. It can seem a very vulnerable place to be, naked in front of the camera, yet, it can also be the most empowering thing you’ll ever do.

At Madison Bou we do everything we can to make a client feel safe and beautiful in the comfortable environment of Hazlewood Castle. We give plenty of coaching. We always start every photoshoot with clothes on. Dresses, glamour, casual, whatever feels the most comfortable. Slowly you become used to being photographed and gain more and more confidence.

Empowerment and self confidence is really what these photoshoots are all about. Stepping outside your comfort zone is never easy but often the rewards are amongst the greatest life has to offer. It’s why we jump out of planes or go scuba diving or skiing. It’s why we go on stage and sing or dance in public or give a speech in front of your peers. Overcoming these fears is so empowering. Like a bush tucker trial but at the end of all the fear lies amazing pictures you will love and enjoy for the rest of your life. Our clients tell us that posing nude is hugely liberating.

Posing nude in front of the camera doesn’t mean that the photos will show nudity at all. Often our clients ask for ‘implied nudity’ and this can be done with or without clothes. You are always the one to decide on this.

Remember though, you decide every step of the way how far you want to go. It often surprises us how many clients tell us they want only fashion or perhaps a little boudoir and then, once they gain the confidence in front of the camera, throw caution to the wind and strip off as if it was the most natural thing in the world. In fact we’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve had to ask clients to put clothes on for fear of upsetting the hotel guests. From a fear of being photographed to total abandonment in a few short hours!

Also be aware that any pictures we take are for you and you alone. Of course you can give us permission to show the pictures on this website if you wish but that’s your choice not ours.

A nude photoshoot with Madison Bou is a big investment in yourself and if you’re thinking about something like this, we would encourage you to book an appointment and come and visit us in person. That way you’ll get an idea of what we do and how you’ll feel with us for your photoshoot.

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